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P&C Fresh Fundraising Made Easy!

Any official 501c3 not-for-profit organization can participate in our fundraising Program.

*Parent - Teacher Oraganizations

*Religious Groups

*Little Leagues

*School Bands

*Senior citizen organizations

*Sports Boosters

Your Group or Club simply sells P&C Fresh Giftcards for a specific time period or even all year long, and use the profits for anything your group needs!

*Field Trips



*Equipment or Supplies

*Building Repairs

We offer:

*3% Discount on purchases of $500-$999

*5% Discount on Purchases of $1000 +

*Cards with no fees or expiration

You simply buy the giftcards and resell them for their cash value to friends, family, & neighbors.

Simply submit a copy of your 501c3 and your tax-exempt, not-for-profit number form for approval at your local P&C Fresh and get started in just days!